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Olathe resident Cliff Tatham, served for many years on the Olathe Public Library Board. Cliff and his wife, Elaine, felt the need to provide funding for library programs which would not exist without private donations. In 2000, Cliff started a community wide fundraising campaign to provide funding for these programs. Their intial campaign was to raise $10,000, which would be matched by a $10,000 donation from he and Elaine. Being just shy of this goal, he approached R.R. Osborne, who gave the Foundation $10,000. In 2002, the R.R. Osborne estate gave the Foundation $100,000 and the Foundation gave its first grant of $20,000 to the library for the establishment of the music CD collection at both locations. In 2003, the Foundation held its first annual Taste of Literacy dinner. The dinner was a way to thank donors and to raise awareness about the library and its needs.

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